Starfleet Marine Corps Uniforms

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Class C- Standard Duty Uniform (Black Jumpsuit with Gray quilted shoulders and division colored turtleneck) with rank insignia properly displayed on the right side of the collar and division colored sleeve stripe worn on both sleeves. This uniform is worn during the normal duty day while on and off ship if representing Starfleet in an operational capacity. The uniform top may be removed if directed by the CO.See Starfleet Uniform Section for an example of the Class C Uniform.

Class B- Professional Duties Uniform. This consists of a short or long sleeved dark blue dress shirt. Ribbons and badges will be worn above the left shirt pocket with a black nametag with the wearer's last name resting on the right shirt pocket. Service Identification Badges may be worn on the pockets themselves. On this uniform, the traditional commbadge may be replaced with the Aerospace Operations Commbadge if earned. Officers will wear rank on the epaulets and enlisted on the collar of the shirt. A black crewneck sweater may be worn with this uniform.

Class A- Service Dress Uniform (Dark Blue Formal Jacket with divisional color sleeve stripe with blue trousers with blood stripe or white trousers) This is worn for official occasions up that would normally be directed as 'Black Tie' such as official dinners or formal functions. Officers in the rank of O-6 and above wear the white formal undershirt under the formal jacket.

All other commissioned officers will wear the grey ribbed undershirt under the formal jacket.

Enlisted Variant- Enlisted Marines will wear a full service dress coat with high neck and crimson trim.

Warrant Officer Variant- Warrant Officers will wear a blue formal undershirt with the Class A uniform. The Commissioned Officer variant of the Formal Dress Jacket is worn with this uniform.

On this uniform, depending on the occasion, ribbons and badges are worn. On more formal occasions, medals are worn on the left side. Ribbons without medals are worn on the right side. Shoulder cords may be worn with this uniform on the LEFT shoulder with the exception of the Presidential Service Cord. Applicable qualification tabs may be worn on the left shoulder of the uniform. See Appendix A for further information.

Commanding Officers may also direct this uniform's wear for any functions he or she sees fit.

Fleet Marine Force personnel are not authorized to wear the Marine Corps Class A uniform under any circumstances. Images:

Class B Professional Duty Uniform


Class A- Service Dress Uniform


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